Types of paid ads in search engine marketing

Advertisements are a great way to establish brand recognition and spread awareness among the audience. Businesses use advertisements as their most vital tool to spread awareness among their targeted audience and generate leads and conversions. Advertisement is the most effective tool in marketing. With the rise in the digital audience, the marketing methods have turned digital too.

Digital marketing allows you to reach your audience through the internet as internet users are more than half of the global population. And through digital marketing, you can reach a wider audience and target your customers on a broader level. Several businesses hire a digital marketing agency for their online marketing needs. You can find several excellent agencies that provide digital marketing Virginia services.

Get started with advertising digitally, as it is going to bring great fortune to your business. Advertising online will raise your brand awareness among your target audience that is present online. Hire a diverse digital marketing agency Virginia to help you out with your internet marketing needs. Increasing mobile phone use to look for the services customers require has established the vital significance of online advertising. Here are some types of ads you can make use of while doing search engine marketing for your business:

  1. Search Engine Ads appear on the search engine results page when a user searches for a product or service. These are the most common of all the pay-per-click ads. They appear above and below the organic search results, which makes the customers aware of the brand and earn recognition and more business in the future. Search Engine Ads are easy to manage and monitor. You only pay the search engine when someone clicks on the ad. No cost is incurred until a user clicks on your ad. Search engine ads allow you to target your audience very specifically.

2. Google Shopping is another type of ad that is very much similar to search engine ads. Shopping ads are targetable and measurable, and they work based on targeted keywords. Google shopping ads fit perfectly for businesses that have products to sell, for example, e-commerce companies. As compared to the text search engine ads, shopping ads lower your cost of conversions with time.

3. Another type of advertising in search engine marketing is native advertising. Native ads are ads that blend into other similar content on the webpages. Native ads can be a little challenging to identify because of their ambiguous nature.

4. When you browse something, you keep seeing advertisements related to that everywhere; those are retargeting/remarketing ads. These ads combine both search and display ads. Retargeting users is an excellent way of establishing brand awareness and recognition. Retargeting ads use the user’s history for displaying relevant ads to the user.

5. Display ads are the pay-per-click/visual banner ads that appear while the user is browsing a website. You might have seen a lot of visual ads to date.

6. Google also allows advertisers to advertise in the google mailbox. You can find advertising emails in the ‘promotions’ section of your Google mail inbox. These are called inbox ads.